Mr. Speaker, Turkish President Erdogan will stop at nothing to spread instability and chaos across the globe. He is funding mosques around the world as a means of supporting Islamic extremism. 

These mosques are helping to indoctrinate an increasing number of radicals. These are the very same radicals who have gone on to commit terror attacks in other countries, like France, Belgium, and elsewhere. 

In an effort to keep their citizens safe from terrorists, Austria has begun to fight back. Austria closed seven Turkish-funded mosques and expelled several dozen imams from their country because they are a national security risk. 

This is just the first step in putting the brakes on the new Ottoman Sultan: Erdogan. Unfortunately, Erdogan has already turned his own country into a full- blown Islamist state. 

Now he is trying to radicalize other nations by supporting clandestine insurgent extremists. The Sultan of Turkey has gone rogue. The United States should not sell new F–35s to this dictator until he changes his ways. 

And that is just the way it is.