Mr. Speaker, history is the great educator. We remember in American history the War of Independence started when the British tried to take away the firearms of Americans, and we had the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

That revolution was successful because Americans were able to be armed. The Texas War of Independence started when the Mexican Government tried to take away the firearms of Texans.

That started in Gonzales, Texas, and it was successful and we became an independent country. The Second Amendment is a constitutional right that Americans have.

My friends on the other side don’t like the Second Amendment. They wish it wasn’t there.

They do everything in their power to restrict the privilege and the right that we have under the Second Amendment, and we get it because of our history, to protect us from government and also for self-defense.

My friends talk about gun violence. They have got to remember that gun violence happens many times where people are disarmed, and it usually takes a gun to stop that gun, just like it did at the church in Texas.

In another situation, if I were to drive my Jeep to California and I get stopped by the California Highway Patrol, which maybe would occur, I would show them my Texas driver’s license, and then they would let me drive, even though the laws in California are different on a driver’s license. Second, the registration of my Jeep in Texas would pass in California, even though if I had to get it done in California, it probably wouldn’t pass. But they recognize that because we have laws that recognize that. My marriage license would be accepted as well.

The right to bear arms, the right to have a concealed carry weapon, is based on the Second Amendment of the Constitution. All this law does is allow us to exercise that right in every State.

And that is just the way it is.