Mr. Speaker, the first amendment protects the fundamental natural rights of free speech and free press.

   These pillars of principle are listed first because they are the most important. These two freedoms ensure the protection of all the other rights that follow in the Bill of Rights.

   Many years have passed since these values were chiseled into the Constitution, but they are still under attack by the elites who advocate Federal control of both. Why? Because these censors disagree with the content or claim it's inaccurate or it's not fair. Even former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said last year that people should not harshly criticize the Supreme Court or its rulings.

   The Constitution does not guarantee speech or press to be fair or even accurate. It guarantees it to be free. "Fair" is too subjective a term.

   Our Framers were primarily concerned about protecting the political and religious discourse. Why? Because they are the most controversial and the most important.

   Any action by the Federal Government to control speech or press should be met with loud, harsh words; fiery oratory; and a blazing pen.

   And that's just the way it is.