Mr. Speaker, according to the 10th Amendment, any power not specifically granted to the Federal Government is reserved to the people and to the States.

Those that demand government take over health care have yet to provide a constitutional example for such government oppression. Further, it doesn't say anywhere in the Constitution the Federal Government can force anybody to buy anything, including health insurance. It is not there.

Some have said, what about car insurance? The States, not the Feds, regulate car insurance so drivers can pay for third-party injuries. And driving is a privilege, not a right.

A better example would be if the Feds forced the people to buy a car from GM. "Government Motors" would pick the car they want the citizens to buy, then tax them to pay for it. That is unconstitutional. So is forcing people to buy health insurance.

Thomas Jefferson said, "The Federal Government is our servant, not our master." It is about time we put government in its place.

And that's just the way it is.