WASHINGTON, November 13 -


Mr. Speaker, ObamaCare has been nothing short of a painful government illness.

On the first day Americans were due to enroll in their health care plan, they just couldn't do it. Errors flashed across their computer screens. It was a glitch here, a glitch there, everywhere a glitch, glitch, glitch.

Out of the 500,000 Americans that should have been enrolled by now, only a handful were able to sign up thanks to technical incompetence, negligence, and those glitches.

Americans will be penalized if they can't sign up, but how are you supposed to when the Web site doesn't work?

Computer glitches should take minutes to fix, not weeks. These glitches are just a sign of things to come when the government takes over America's health. If the government can't even get the Web site right, how will government get health care right for the American people?

ObamaCare has the compassion of the IRS, the competence of FEMA, and the efficiency of the post office.

And that's just the way it is.