Mr. Speaker, when Generalissimo Fox leaves office this year, the illegal Mexican citizens in America better hope they find someone who cares as much about them as he does. Since the Sly Fox cannot take care of his own people, he makes his problem our problem.

He has encouraged their careers by sending them north to the United States so they can have a career; and when they had no ID in our foreign land, his answer, the matricula consular card, a Mexican ID card for illegals in the United States.

Then this Fox of Mexico started creating a vast network of American businesses and banks that will accept these cards so his illegals can open up a U.S. bank account and wire money home, that is right, back to Mexico.

Ironically, even Mexican banks do not accept this matricula card. But U.S. banks do, and they help illegal immigrants send home more than $12 billion every year, money that the United States Government ought to consider charging a 10 percent fee on, keep some of that money in America.

Mr. Speaker, be that as it may, the banks and businesses that do this are doing nothing more than encouraging illegal entry into the United States.

The Mexican Government may be controlling the United States immigration policy. In fact, since they are issuing IDs for people in our country from their country and making sure it is accepted, it is just like American Express, the matricula card is everywhere you want to be, without that yearly fee.

That's just the way it is.