Mr. Speaker, Houston we have a problem.

These were the words from space when Apollo 13 was in trouble. The NASA folks in Houston, Texas helped bring Apollo 13 back to Earth safely.

Now Houston we have a problem, because for obvious political reasons, none of the four shuttles are going to be retired at Space Center USA Houston, Texas the home of NASA, the Johnson Space Center, and the home of the astronauts.

For nearly 50 years, Houston, Texas has been the center of world space exploration.

Why the apparent Shuttle Snub to Houston and to history?

It is blatantly political. Texas is a red state. The four winners of the shuttles, one of which has nothing to do with NASA, are all states that voted for the President.

When the United States won the race to the moon in 1969 the first word on the moon was Houston not New York City!

Now it should be said; Houston the shuttles have landed, but only in the states that voted for the President.

This ought not to be.

But, thats just the way it is.