Mr. Speaker, while patrolling the blue South Pacific seas, two American Stallion helicopters collided off the coast of Hawaii. It was January 14, 2016. Twelve U.S. Marines on board perished. Despite rescue efforts by air and sea, the Marines were never found. Their watery graves are only known to God. Major Shawn Campbell, 41, and Corporal Matthew Drown, 23, were Texas’ own. They were graduates of two neighboring high schools—Klein and Klein Oak—in my Texas congressional district. Major Campbell, over here with two of his children, was a hardcore marine. A graduate of Texas A&M in microbiology, he served three tours of duty in combat in the Middle East. Recently, he was ordered to the States as an instructor pilot. Major Campbell left behind a wife and four kids. Corporal Matthew Drown joined the Marines right out of Klein Oak High School in 2011. He was on the debate team and was a friend everyone wanted to have. He was planning on reenlisting in the Marine Corps. These volunteers lived and died protecting America. They are the best that we have. Mr. Speaker, there is nothing like a marine. Ronald Reagan said: ‘‘Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference . . . The Marines don’t have that problem.’’ These men of Texas—Major Campbell and Corporal Drown—are two of those Marines. Now there are two more marines guarding Heaven’s pearly gates. We pray for their families. Semper Fi, Marines. Semper Fi. And that is just the way it is.