WASHINGTON, April 12 -


Mr. Speaker, itís that time of the year again ñ April 15. You know what they say: the only things certain in life are death and more taxes.

The day April 15th brings fear and trepidation into the hearts and souls of Americans across the fruited plain. The taxacrats have created a language that Americans canít really understand.

When the Tax Code was created, it was about 400 pages. Today, itís over 70,000 pages long. And get this: each year it takes Americans 6 billion hours to prepare their income tax, and American taxpayers spend $168 billion just to file their taxes every year.

Just this week, President Obama unveiled his 2-month-late budget that includes, of course, $1.2 trillion in new taxes. Mr. Speaker, almost half of Americans pay no Federal income tax at all. What we need are more taxpayers, not more taxes.

We should eliminate the burdensome, unfair income Tax Code and go to the fair tax ñthe national sales tax concept ñ or the flat tax because everyone should pay their fiar share to live in America.

And thatís just the way it is.