Mr. Speaker, Members of Congress are looking for border security answers, and the American people are demanding them. But it seems we are being stonewalled by our own Border Patrol hierarchy.

Get this, apparently our Border Patrol agents cannot talk or answer questions from Members of Congress without filing a lengthy detailed report, the same type of report they file when they arrest illegals, drug runners, or are even shot at by the Mexican military. This appears to intimidate our Border Patrol agents to not say a word about what is really going on.

When I have been on the border, the Border Patrol agents were very reluctant to say anything except scripted answers. Now I know why. What does the Border Patrol hierarchy have to hide? Apparently the truth because that is all we are after.

Why wouldn't homeland security want their agents talking to Members of Congress? Members of Congress are being forced to tear down the war of silence just to control our own border. The enemy is not Congress or the American people, it is the insurgents who infiltrate our border every day.

And that's just the way it is.