Madam Speaker, in the last few years, 30 foreign journalists have been murdered in a country torn by war. Violence against reporters is so severe that one American journalist has recently fled back to the United States. The would-be assassins have reportedly even be hired to come to America to track these reporters down.

   Madam Speaker, I'm not talking about violent Iraq. I am talking about the murder of reporters in Mexico, second highest murder rate in the world for reporters, next to Iraq.

   One of the vicious violent drug cartels, the Zetas, made up of former Mexican military officers, are targeting journalists who report on their drug activities. Now these dope dealing thugs claim they will just come to the United States, because of our porous borders, and kill these journalists. 

   The United States should heed the warnings reported by these courageous journalists, that these drug cartels are easily criss-crossing the Texas-Mexico border and bringing more drug violence to America and Mexico.

   Homeland Security should seize control of our border before the cartels seize the lives of any more journalists.

   And that's just the way it is.