WASHINGTON, February 27 -


Mr. Speaker, the sequester was a bad idea. I voted ìno.î It actually came from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, however. The House has voted twice to replace the Presidentís sequester with other spending cuts. However, the ìsiestaî Senate ignored the House bills and did what it does best - - nothing.

Now, in the 11th hour, the President has disowned his sequester and instead has launched the taxpayer-funded tour de blame. He has also dispatched his Cabinet on a tour de fear. The White House ìsky is fallingî crowd says flights will be delayed and undocumented immigrants in custody will be freed. That is a Madison Avenue-style campaign to instill fear into Americans.

The President holds the power to determine what bills will be paid, not Congress - - but he does not have the will to prioritize spending or manage the peopleís money. He only knows one way to lead: tax more, spend more, and continue the tour de blame.

And thatís just the way it is.