Mr. Speaker, two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, are reporters for Current TV. They were in China near the North Korean border making a film about the horrible sex trafficking between North Korea and China. The North Koreans claim they crossed the border illegally, so the Communist court sentenced them to 12 years at hard labor. That's some border enforcement policy.

The conditions in these prison camps are harsh. Some reports say a quarter of the inmates die of starvation every year. The prisoners do backbreaking work in factories, coal mines and rice paddies. They're also used in experiments involving biological weapons. I guess the Communists didn't get the memo on human rights.

Now we hear that the journalists may have actually been kidnapped and forcibly taken to North Korea. Anyway, they are being used as political prisoners to try to force this administration to give more concessions and American money to North Korea.

North Korea is starving. The Communist regime is bankrupt. But they want to be able to sell nuclear technology to terrorist nations, so they're holding these journalists ransom until they get their way. Mr. Speaker, the journalists should go free, and the North Korean outlaws should take their place in that prison.

And that's just the way it is.