Mr. Speaker, I bring you news from Iraq and the war profiteers that make money off this war.

   According to the Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction and as reported by the Washington Post, a California contractor ``was paid $142 million to build prisons, fire and police stations that were never built or finished.''

   The Inspector General states, ``Millions of dollars in waste are associated with incomplete, terminated and abandoned projects.''

   The biggest fiasco was an incomplete prison that was so poorly constructed that the floors are collapsing. This facility is totally useless to the United States and Iraqi governments.

   Mr. Speaker, it seems to me this is yet another example of incompetence, waste, and possible fraud against America.

   If crimes have been committed, the Justice Department needs to prosecute anyone that steals money from America during this time of war, because the long arm of American law even reaches crooked contractors in Iraq.

   And where shall we send these people? To the well-built Guantanamo Bay Prison where we house war criminals.

   And that's just the way it is.