Mr. Speaker, more news from the second front, the border war continues. He is not even in office yet, but he is already planning the invasion into America like Generalissimo Fox did.

Commander Felipe Calderon's election is being disputed and his opponent is trying to set up a parallel government. But his top concern is what many Americans call our biggest crisis, illegal entry into the United States.

Instead of dealing with the turmoil, corruption and economic problems in Mexico, Calderon is vowing to push immigration amnesty through our Congress by letting millions of Mexicans into the United States.

Generalissimo Fox tried unsuccessfully to intimidate Congress by pushing an amnesty bill, but Commander Calderon is even more arrogant by telling the press the White House is even on board.

This undeclared war against the United States results in making Mexico's problem an American problem.

Our Nation needs to understand that we are being invaded, and we must be engaged in this undeclared war by having the moral will to protect our borders.

And that's just the way it is.