Mr. Speaker, in 1836 Texans were in desperate need and fighting for freedom and independence from Mexico. Hundreds of men from Louisiana joined to help Texas in this struggle and time of need. Among them were Jim Bowie, hero of the Alamo; and volunteer soldiers forming a unit known as the New Orleans Greys helped in this endeavor. These brave men came to Texas' aid to fight against the oppression of the dictator Santa Anna. They fought and died at the Alamo, Goliad and San Jacinto.

Today, 170 years later, it is the people of Louisiana who are in desperate need in their struggle against the oppression caused by Hurricane Katrina. There are approximately 200,000 people from Louisiana now in Texas because of Katrina.

Mr. Speaker, just as the people of Louisiana came to Texas' aid those many years ago, so will Texans come to theirs. We along with other Americans will join the people of Louisiana until they are able to be free from the effects of Hurricane Katrina and rebuild their great city of New Orleans. It is what good Americans, good neighbors, good Southerners, and good Texans do.