Mr. Speaker, wildfires have raged in Texas because of a long drought this year. The town of Possum Kingdom, Texas, population 5,500, has burned up. This is one of the many photographs showing the raging fires throughout the State.

Statewide, two firefighters have been killed; 400 homes have been destroyed. The 9,000 fires have covered over 2,200,000 acres this is the size of Rhode Island and Connecticut put together and the costs of the devastating destruction are enormous.

The Governor has asked FEMA for a Federal disaster declaration because of the extensive fires, but the Governor has been turned down by the White House - - no more additional help for Texas.

Too bad Texas isnt a foreign country like Pakistan. The Federal Government has shelled out over $500 million for disaster aid to Pakistan citizens for the flooding in their country.

When Washington considered aid, if any, for disaster relief, it should at least consider Americans in Texas just as important as Pakistanis, but that doesnt appear to be the case. Meanwhile, the fires continue to burn in Texas.

And thats just the way it is.