Mr. Speaker, when the second lady of the gulf, Rita, hit Jefferson County, Texas, first responders hunkered down to wait out the storm. They did not leave during this hurricane. After the storm, the first responders began working 12-hour shifts and slept in their cars. The county had and still has no power or water. The responders had no food. So three local heroes took control.

Port Arthur police officer Marcelo Molfino, Port Arthur fire fighter David Barclay and a lawyer by the name of Everett Sanderson of Nederland, Texas, took control. Molfino and Barclay worked 48 straight hours looking for meat and finding it before it got thawed. Sanderson opened up his beat up, old damaged restaurant and used a generator and set up a barbecue pit outside in a National Guard tent.

These three worked 7 days a week, 15 to 20 hours a day, cooking. Local grocery stores donated more meat during the weeks. One day last week, they fed 6,500 police officers, firefighters, Red Cross and FEMA workers, National Guard troops, Coast Guard and other responders from as far away as Maine, all eating Texas barbecue.

They did so without any government bureaucracy, no red tape forms, no permission and no committee meetings. These three heroes got her done.