Some day in the future we may live in a land flowing with renewable green energy.Windmills on every corner, cute little battery operated cars in ever garage.

But the path to blissful nirvana is long and we have just begun that journey. Right now our primary fuel source for vehicles is crude oil. We get most of it from the Middle East. We transfer billions of taxpayer dollars to countries that dont respect us or like us. Some countries have ties to radical terrorists that wish to kill us.

The American people support clean, offshore drilling. Its good for America.
We will keep our money in America instead of sending it overseas.

-Offshore drilling creates high paying jobs for Americans.

-We reduce the risk of oil spills from tankers from the Middle East.

-Oil companies will send millions of dollars to our treasury for the right to lease offshore.

-And it can be done cleanly and safely.

But the new administration has blocked off shore drilling. With all the rhetoric about stimulating the economy one would think that a real stimulus would be to drill off our shores and bring jobs and money to Americans, instead of going into debt to pay for the illusive stimulus package.

And thats just the way it is.