Mr. Speaker, they say its going to be Y2K all over again. Remember all the media hype about the date January 1, 2000 that the worldwide computer systems would fail, that financial records and transactions would be lost and go haywire and that the world would be gloom and doom and despair?

            This is the same politics of fear we are hearing from the fat cat financial bullies from Wall Street. They say Congress must save them from their financial sins before the stock markets open tomorrow or the country will fail into the abyss. So Congress is working on a plan in the back rooms of this Capitol.  There are no public congressional hearings, no witnesses before committees. This Sunday, the plan for financial salvation to save us all is being discussed by only a few in the shadows of this great hall.

            Doesnt sound like a good way to run the business of Congress.

            Backroom deals have always troubled me because they usually turn out to be bad deals for Americans. The irresponsible elites in New York City who caused this financial mess should bear the blame and the cost or there should be no deal. However, I suspect that Americans will be held financially hostage until they pay the ransom for Wall Streets salvation.

            By the way, the Y2K scare was just a mythical hoax.

            And thats just the way it is.