Mr. Speaker, yesterday, Lieutenant General Austin Miller, the nominee to lead our forces in Afghanistan, testified before the Senate that the biggest obstacle to success in Afghanistan is Pakistan. He echoes the same frustrations the President expressed earlier this year and what others in this Chamber, including myself, have said for years, that Pakistan is providing safe havens for terrorists and playing both sides.

Terrorist leaders even arrogantly make public appearances in Pakistan, with the knowledge of the government. When we take action against terrorists in Pakistan, Pakistan officials typically condemn us, rather than take steps to improve counterterrorism efforts.

President Trump and the incoming commander for U.S. forces in Afghanistan hold a realistic view of Pakistan. Pakistan is the problem with success in Afghanistan.

There should be no American money sent to Pakistan until they stop their treacherous ways. Otherwise, the 17- year-old war in Afghanistan may never end.

And that is just the way it is.