Mr. Speaker, the freedom of religion is under attack in Great Britain.

   Last week British news reported that the daughter of a British Imam, we will call her Hannah, is living under police protection after receiving death threats from her father and brother because she converted to Christianity.

   Hannah was born in Britain to immigrant Pakistani parents. She renounced the Muslim faith when she was a teenager and has been in hiding for over 10 years.

   After multiple death threats and an attempt on her life by 40 men, led by her father, brandishing axes, hammers, and knives, Hannah has sought protection from the British Government.

   According to her, her father believes that the Koran teaches that anyone who walks away from Islam should be killed. Well, murder is bad enough, but murder in the name of religion is worse, and it's legal, at least in a free state where all religions are to be tolerated, even Christianity.

   Democracy values the freedom of other people's faith; it does not restrict it. That is the difference in a democracy and a government that is controlled by a religion.

   And that's just the way it is.