Madam Speaker, new Colorado State law requires local law enforcement agencies to report illegals to Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities when those individuals are jailed for crimes. Then the Feds are to deport these criminals back to their countries after they serve their sentences, but there is a problem.

   The Federal Government doesn't deport these criminals. According to a Colorado newspaper, 37 out of every 38 illegals that are convicted and are reported to ICE for deportation are just released back on the streets of those towns. What does this mean for homeland security, for citizens and law-abiding legal immigrants? It means criminal illegals, instead of being sent home by Uncle Sam, are set free to roam our communities, to continue to steal, rob and hurt people.

   Colorado police are doing their job, but, once again, when it's time to ante into the pot, the Federal Government folds its hand.

   Instead of our Government trying to figure out ways to keep illegals in the United States with these amnesty giveaway plans, it ought to figure out ways to deport criminal illegals back to where they came from. Once again, our Government is missing in action.

   And that's just the way it is.