WASHINGTON, D.C. Ninety-seven members of Congress, including Congressman Ted Poe, sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) today urging her to oppose efforts to put the 12 million illegal immigrants in this country on a path to citizenship. We are united in asking you not to bring amnesty legislation to the House floor, the letter stated.

In recent weeks, members of both the House and Senate have met with key Bush Administration officials aiming to craft a new illegal immigration policy. It is unclear which proposal will ultimately emerge for House consideration but the letter to Speaker Pelosi demonstrates broad-ranging opposition to any plan that grants amnesty to the countrys illegal immigrant population.

We should surrender the border plan, said Congressman Poe. A 'bought and paid for citizenship' plan just encourages more illegal immigration and discriminates against those who lawfully come to our country. No matter how you dress it up, this is just another amnesty plan and it will not have the support of the American people. This plan offers more lip service to ending illegal immigration by allowing those who illegally entered our country to stay. Once again, there will be no consequences for not 'buying your citizenship' and following this law either.

The letter concludes, The United States has the most generous legal immigration system in the world. We should take the side of American workers and taxpayers, legal immigrants and the rule of law. Please oppose any effort to put illegal immigration on the path to amnesty.