Mr. Speaker, a wonderful Christian Servant of Abilene Christian University has died. Bill Teague was President and an alum of my Alma mater ACU. He served as president when I was a Member of the board of trustees of the University. His clever dry Texas wit was a trademark of his leadership. His official obituary states:


      “He was born Billy Teague in Olney, Texas, on July 12,

     1927, the youngest of six sons. His father died when he was

     14 years old, leaving his mother to raise him by herself in

     Nocona, Texas. While enrolled at high school, Teague was a

     proud member of Nocona's 1944 state champion basketball team.

     Following graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving

     four years while based in San Diego. It was in San Diego that

     he met Margaret ‘Peggy’ Louise Newlen. They married June 4,




     “After his honorable discharge from the military in 1949,

     the couple moved back to Texas so Bill could continue his

     education at Abilene Christian. While a student, he was

     appointed the first manager of KACC, the campus radio

     station. He graduated in 1952 with a Bachelor of Arts degree

     in Bible and speech.'”


     “He immediately went to work for then-president Dr. Don H.

     Morris as assistant to the president and secretary of the

     Alumni Association. He worked at ACU for five years before

     leaving to serve as vice president at both Harding University

     (1957-59) and Pepperdine University (1959-70).”


     “Outside of his career in education, Teague pursued a

     variety of interests. He earned a master's degree from

     Columbia University in 1959 and a doctorate from UCLA in

     1965. In 1968 and 1970, he ran for U.S. Congressional seats

     in California. Teague frequently engaged in public speaking.

     He could be passionate and inspiring, but it was his humor

     that really endeared him to audiences. He was an active

     basketball and tennis player, but he most enjoyed spending

     time with his family.”


     “During the 1970s, Teague served as vice president of two

     Fortune 500 companies, Purex Corporation in California and

     Kerr-McGee, an Oklahoma-based oil company.”


    “From 1981 to 1991, Teague served as ACU's ninth

     president, and later as chancellor (1991-2007) and chancellor

     emeritus (2007-18). With an emphasis on fundraising, he

     oversaw the transformation of the campus leading to the

     construction of the Mabee Business Building and Onstead-

     Packer Biblical Studies Building, as well as the relocation

     of Judge Ely Boulevard. ACU's Teague Boulevard opened in May

     1992, serving as a new front entrance to the university.

     Across campus, the Margaret L. and William J. Teague Center

     was dedicated in his and Peggy's honor.”


     “In addition to the major buildings completed during

     Teague's decade as president, the university endowment

     increased from $18 million to $56 million. The Honors Program

     and ACU Press were begun; and KACU became KACU-FM, a National

     Public Radio affiliate. The William J. and Margaret L. Teague

     Excellence Award, an endowed scholarship program for students

     at ACU, began in 1989. In 1991, Bill and wife, Peggy, were

     named Christian Educators of the Year by 20th Century

     Christian magazine for careers of service to three Church of

     Christ-affiliated universities.”


     “After becoming chancellor in 1991, Teague remained active

     on the campus until he suffered a stroke in 2002. Despite

     being confined to a wheelchair, he remained a regular

     attendee of ACU athletics and other events, as well as

     worship services at University Church of Christ, where he and

     Peggy were members. He especially looked forward to attending

     the university's annual Opening Assembly on the first day of

     school and its patriotic Parade of Flags ceremony he began in



     “Teague was preceded in death by his parents, Dudley

     Thomas Teague and Sudie Crane Teague; and his wife, Peggy.

     Survivors include his son, Tom Teague; two daughters, Susan

     Reid and Dr. Helen Teague; and grandchildren Bill Teague and

     Amelia Louise Wildman.”



Abilene Christian University was blessed by the Good Lord to have such a man lead this University on the windy plains of West Texas.

And that's just the way it is.