Madam Speaker, the American soldier has always protected this Nation from those seeking to destroy our freedoms. U.S. soldiers go to the vast plains of combat. These troops forge onward into the fires of battle. They ensure generations of Americans that our interests will be protected around the world. Our volunteers expect their government to support them.

Now some Members of Congress talk of cutting funding to the American soldiers engaged in the desert battles of Iraq, and they want to pull our soldiers out a few at a time. This ill-advised political decision will leave U.S. soldiers abandoned and at the mercy of an enemy that will exploit this weakness.

But this action by Congress is not new. A previous Congress did not like the way a war was going and tried to change the policy and tried to change the plan. That Congress even complained about funds for the war and wanted a new leader.

Good thing that commander pressed on and won the war. He said to those skeptics and cynics in Congress, ``We should never despair. Our situation before has been unpromising, and has changed for the better. So it will again.'' The war was the War for Independence, and the Commander in Chief was George Washington.

And that's just the way it is.