Mr. Speaker, the Nation is at war in Afghanistan. The commander of the multinational forces says he needs several thousand more U.S. troops. But the United States has not sent him more troops. Our country is indecisive. Why do we delay?

Our enemy is not hesitant about their determination to continue to murder in the name of religion. Our inaction causes our national credibility and resolve to be in doubt. It encourages our foes and puzzles our allies.

If our troops needed more food, we would immediately send food. If our troops wanted more equipment, arms and vehicles, we would immediately send munitions. But if our troops want more troops, we stall, delay and ponder. Why?

It is said we need time to reevaluate the situation. Well, after years of fighting, are we not sure about our mission, our goal, our strategy? We are giving the impression to the world and to our military that we don't have the moral will to finish this war.

We can delay no longer. Our troops are already in the field. Their safety and success is of paramount importance. Let there be no question of our resolve to eliminate the terrorists who threaten the innocents of the world.

And that's just the way it is.