WASHINGTON, April 27 -


Mr. Speaker, Popeye the sailor man has advocated for 80 years that spinach gives energy. Now, the EPA wants to use this food as green energy. But does that idea make sense?

After the administration spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on other failed green initiatives, the EPA awarded $90,000 to a group of students who designed a solar panel that uses spinach to produce a very ìslightî electrical charge. A ìslightî charge is not enough to supply the US with even a fraction of their energy needs, nor will it leave Pluto shaking in his boots.

Meanwhile, the shovels that were ready for the Keystone XL pipeline project are idle. The Gulf of Mexico sits, waiting to for more oil and gas lease sales and permits. And the procedural hurdles in place have slowed drilling on public lands to a halt.

What we need are real solutions to bring down the price of gasoline and decrease dependence on foreign oil. We donít need taxpayer spinach subsidies. Leave spinach for Popeye and the supper table.

And thatís just the way it is.