Mr. Speaker, the Presidents speech last night was long on hope and short on reality.

The administrations answer to Americas problem is more investments, which is a fancy word for more spending and more government control.

The administration plans to freeze domestic spending, but domestic spending is already too high. Since last year the national debt has gone up over $1.7 trillion.

Once again, the administration presents an incomplete solution to Americas economic problems: A spending freeze is not enough to fix the deficits or the debt. We must go one step further and actually cut massive out-of-control government spending to get us out of this spending madness.

If we cut spending, then we need to also cut taxes. Putting money back in the hands of the American people is the proven way to stimulate the economy. We must cut both taxes and spending to reboot the American economy. We need less spending, fewer taxes, and less government.

Congress needs to deal in reality, not hope.

And thats the way it is.