Madam Speaker, if the healthcare bill passes, the IRS will "verify" that American citizens have "acceptable" healthcare insurance every month. I say "American citizens" because the bill bars imposing healthcare taxes and penalties on illegals who will receive healthcare under this bill.

The IRS will charge fines up to $2,250, or 2 percent of your annual income--whichever is higher--for failure to buy that government-approved health insurance.

The IRS will need over 16,000 new health care police to snoop around in your bank account. That's more people than live in my home of Humble, Texas. The IRS healthcare police will have the power to confiscate tax refund checks. They can levy bank accounts, garnish wages, and could put you in jail for failure to pay the piper, for failure to buy those healthcare insurance premiums.

The healthcare bill costs too much, it taxes too much, and it invades people's privacy. Now we're going to have the healthcare police courtesy of the good old IRS.

And that's just the way it is.