Madam Speaker, in San Jacinto County in east Texas last Thursday, two men died trying to save another's life. Denny ``Bo'' Galloway, deputy constable, 34, died when he ran into the rough Trinity River trying to save Bernardo Vasquez, a 21-year-old Marine on leave from Iraq.

Vasquez had disappeared in the fast-moving river trying to save his uncle, who had gotten trapped in the current. Vasquez was to return to Active Duty today. His mother's only desire was that he return from Iraq alive. But Vasquez died saving another. Bo Galloway was a tough, rural cop who had spent the previous night rescuing people from a train wreck.

When hearing the 911 call about Vasquez, Galloway rushed to the scene and went directly into the river. Galloway died and left a wife and three sons behind. Both men were warriors. One fought the war on crime, one fought the war on terror. Both died responding to the first duty of all American warriors, saving those in trouble. We share in the grief of the two families and once again thank our people who wear the uniform of the soldier and of the peace officer.