Mr. Speaker, being a lawman in the vastness of west Texas has always been a rough task. Now it is more difficult because the Federal Government has taken the side of the lawbreaker over the lawman.

Deputy Gilmer Hernandez of Edwards County, Texas, was recently on patrol in the darkness of the night in Rocksprings, Texas, when he spotted a van violating Texas traffic laws. He pulls the van over and notices numerous people lying down on the floor.

Then without warning, the driver suddenly drives off and tries to run over Deputy Hernandez. Hernandez shoots out the tires of the van in self-defense. The other illegals jump out and take off.

The Texas Rangers do a thorough investigation and clear Deputy Hernandez of any wrongdoing. But the Mexican Government arrogantly demands the Federal Government prosecute Hernandez for using his gun, and the Feds do exactly that.

Hernandez is convicted, and now he is in jail awaiting sentencing by a Federal judge, all because he did his job. Our government ought to support the border protectors like Hernandez and prosecute the border violators. Why is our Federal Government taking the wrong side in the border war?

And that's just the way it is.