WASHINGTON, September 19 -


Mr. Speaker,

The United States granted Pakistan major non-NATO ally status to help us fight al-Qaeda and the Taliban. This status gives special foreign aid and defense benefits, such as an expedited arms sales process. But Pakistan has proved that it is no friend to America.

Pakistan said ìnoî when we asked it to go after terrorist havens. Pakistan twice tipped off terrorists making IEDs that kill Americans. Pakistanís intelligence arm, the ISI, helped the Haqqani network, a designated foreign terrorist organization, to attack our Embassy. Pakistan arrested and convicted the doctor who helped us locate Osama bin Laden, the worldís number one terrorist.

I believe some of the money that we have given them goes to the Taliban, but Pakistan has given us no reason to trust them. They are a disloyal ally, a Benedict Arnold friend.

I've introduced H.R. 6391 to strip Pakistan of its major non-NATO ally status. We donít need to pay Pakistan to betray us. Theyíll do it for free. It's time for a divorce with Pakistan.

And thatís just the way it is.