Madam Speaker, the court-martial of Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe for assault started yesterday in Norfolk, Virginia. This relentless American caught one of the worst terrorists in the world, Ahmed Abed, a terrorist who massacred and mutilated four Americans in Fallujah. However, Abed accused Petty Officer McCabe of poking him in the tummy once he was captured. Two other Navy SEALs were acquitted in trials last month of these false charges.

It's not like we don't know the terrorists are going to lie about being roughed up when they are caught. You see, the al-Qaeda training manual instructs terrorists to allege brutality when captured because it is the U.S. policy to take warriors off the battlefield until such accusations are resolved.

So we have three Navy SEALs sitting on the sidelines for over 6 months waiting. Meanwhile, news reports say Abed is set to be executed by the Iraqi Government for crimes committed against his own people.

Madam Speaker, our priorities are backwards. Abed needs to be tried and executed for his crimes rather than our government paying attention to his whining about his capture.

And that's just the way it is.