Washington, Oct 13 -


Madam Speaker, when I meet with businesses across southeast Texas their message for the federal government is clear, back off. Over 14 million Americans are unemployed because companies are not hiring. Companies are not hiring because of the uncertainty in the economy.

The federal government red tape and high taxes and unnecessary regulations are crippling job creators and adding to the uncertainty. America has become an unfriendly place to do business, so businesses are either not hiring or they move out of the country.

The judiciary committee will soon vote on the Reins Act. I support this bill because it says that congress must approve every major rule proposed by the executive branch before it can be imposed on the American people and American companies. So the EPA's dust regulation among several would be no more.

It is the responsibility of congress to rein in the Administrationís runaway regulators. That is how we get America back to work. The federal government cannot create jobs, but its self-inflicted overregulation is destroying jobs. Itís time to end the out-of-control federal regulation terror on American businesses.

And that's just the way it is.