Mr. Speaker, last week, President Bush and President Calderon of Mexico met in New Orleans to discuss mutual concerns of both nations, such as trade. Electronic devices by staff are not permitted in these meetings, and are left on a table outside the room.

After the high level talks concluded, a senior official with Mexico, Rafael Curiel, was caught on video grabbing seven White House BlackBerrys off the outside table. He was nabbed with the booty by the Secret Service at the airport as he was about to make good his getaway.

He gave numerous contradictory accounts about why he had the White House BlackBerrys. Then he said he was innocent. When all else failed, he claimed diplomatic immunity, and left the United States for Mexico.

Mr. Speaker, Rafael Curiel is just misunderstood. Obviously, when the White House discussion centered around free trade with the two countries, Curiel took the phrase "free trade" literally and did a little free trading on his own with those American BlackBerrys.

Mexico has since fired the free trader.

And that's just the way it is.