Madam Speaker, a high school senior in Texas writes about the illegal entry into the United States. She says, ``I am a senior in the Klein School District. I am also the daughter of an immigrant family. I have the highest regard for the government and the rules placed before those who want to share this American dream. I see my family struggling each day to be sure to be by the books by following the limits and regulations set by the government. Unfortunately, there are others who are not.

``I can relate to those who want to be here, but when you allow these illegals to continue to cross the borders, there is a stereotype that is placed on the rest of us who diligently strive to follow the law. I know it is possible to come to the United States legally, and I know that it is difficult, but we need to tighten the borders.

``We all know there are many good and decent people who have a desire to work in the United States, but what about those who are mingling with the good people, bringing with them drugs and coming with a desire to do harm? There are many murders, rapes and vandalisms that will never be solved because many of those responsible return to their homeland. Protect me, my family and the good people of Texas by strengthening the Border Patrol. Also, be more stringent on the INS to be vigilant in maintaining order in the influx of outsiders that are coming to this country.''

Madam Speaker, this high school senior has it right. Secure the borders or America will suffer. And that's just the way it is.