Mr. Speaker, it is remarkable that Harris County, Texas, Precinct 4 Deputy Constable Christopher Gaines is alive. On April 17, Deputy Gaines and three other officers responded to a domestic violence call in Atascocita, Texas, where we both live. 


Approaching the house, the officers were cautious, and rightfully so. After all, Mr. Speaker, 22 percent of police officers that are shot occur during domestic violence calls. 


Suddenly, the outlaw dashed out of the house with his guns blazing. The deputies returned fire, but with little or no area to take cover, 2-year veteran of the force Deputy Constable Gaines was shot in the abdomen at point- blank range with a shotgun. 


Gaines’ wife even heard the shots from their nearby home. Gaines’ fellow officers rushed him to the hospital and put him directly into surgery.


Gaines’ only thoughts were of his wife and his 4-year-old daughter, Zoey. Thanks to the good Lord, and the medical professionals at Memorial Hermann, Zoey’s dad is alive.


After speaking with him, he told me he is in high spirits and expected to recover. He is already talking about returning to work.


Mr. Speaker, Deputy Christopher Gaines is one of the rare breed of American lawmen that always stand ready to protect and defend the rest of us from evildoers.


And that is just the way it is.