Madam Speaker, where, oh where, has Congress gone? Where, oh where, can they be?

With gas so high and this recess so long, where, oh where, can they be?

Where, oh where, has Congress gone? Well Madam Speaker, theyre not here, theyve gotten out of Dodge. They have left the American people behind in a cloud of dust and high gasoline prices.

Congress is on the run; it has not dealt with the energy crisis and not attempted to solve high gasoline prices. So its sneaking out of town for five weeks-gone on vacation.The American people wont be going on vacation, because they cannot afford gasoline to take a family trip. My 83-year-old parents who are on fixed incomes cant even afford gasoline to go to church. So what is Congress answer? Leave town in the darkness of the night?

The question is: why, Madam Speaker? Why dont they stick around and let us vote on taking care of America? For example, lets vote on offshore drilling- most Americans favor it. We are the representatives of America. Lets vote, up or down, on offshore drilling. Its an environmental myth that we cannot drill safely offshore. We need to drill in ANWAR. Why didnt Congress stick around and vote on drilling in ANWAR?

The American taxpayer shells out 425 million dollars a day to Saudi Arabia for crude oil. We pay this ransom because Congress wont take care of America. The United States is the only major power in the world that does not use its own natural resources. This is nonsense and rather than deal with this crisis Congress has turned its back on the American people-dispersed to parts unknown throughout the fruited plain and fled town.

This is shameful conduct. The President should use his constitutional power and call for a special session of this Congress to deal with energy. We should round up all those members of Congress that have fled the scene, bring them back and solve this energy crisis specifically high gasoline prices.

Where, oh where, has Congress gone? Where, oh, where can they be? With gas so high and this recess so long, where, oh where, can they be?

And thats just the way it is.