Mr. Speaker, this Memorial Day, we honor the warriors of America whose lives were taken in their youth for their country's future. In Southeast Texas, 18 of these men have been killed in Iraq in sacrifice and service for the rest of us. One of those was 20 year old Lance Corporal Anthony Aguirre of Channelview, Texas.

   While on patrol with 20 other Marines in the desert sands of Al Anbar Province, Lance Corporal Aguirre stepped on an improvised explosive device. Since America's enemies hide in caves and won't face off with our troops, these cowards of the desert use these explosives to kill Americans. Rather than immediately jump off the IED, however, Aguirre stood firm and told his fellow Marines to clear the area. When his buddies were safe, he took his foot off the bomb. He died so others could live. Amazing men, these young Marines of the United States Marine Corps.

   Later, as the funeral procession passed through the streets of Channelview, the crowds, estimated at 8,000, waved flags and stood in silence along the rural roads for this Son of Texas.

   Mr. Speaker, Lance Corporal Aguirre and his fallen comrades are why we have Memorial Day.

   And that's just the way it is.