Mr. Speaker, Canada is the largest crude oil supplier to the United States. About half of that crude is derived from what is called oil sands. Also, the military wants to buy Canadian "unconventional fuels" instead of buying fuel from rogue dictators. The Air Force wants to use Canadian "coal to liquid fuel" and turn it into jet fuel.

But the nonenergy bill passed by Congress prohibits such purchases because of absurd environmental restrictions.

Now, not only is it harder for Americans to obtain affordable gasoline, our military is at risk of having a fuel shortage to carry out its mission in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This Nation is at war. Our troops need fuel. The latest congressional attempt to hurt the military as a way of appeasing environmental fear mongers could result in what happened to General George Patton in World War II. On August 31, 1944, General Patton was charging toward Germany and just outside of Metz, France, his tanks ran out of gas because bureaucrats here in the United States denied him fuel.

So unless Congress acts, our troops may be charging into battle riding cavalry horses, while our tanks and planes rust and gather dust because they are out of gas.

And that's just the way it is.