Mr. Speaker, Jess Smochek joined the Peace Corps in 2004 and went to Bangladesh to help that third world country. Soon after arriving, a group of local men groped her sexually, however. She reported the improper conduct, but no one did anything.

While in Bangladesh, Smochek felt unsafe and continued to report the hostile environment to the Peace Corps, but no one did anything.

Later, a group of criminals kidnapped her, beat her, raped her and abandoned her in an alleyway, and no one did anything. In fact, for political reasons, the Peace Corps did everything it could to ignore and cover up the dastardly deed, blaming the crime on the victim.

Rape is not the fault of the victim. It is the fault of the criminal. And according to ABC News, over 1,000 rapes and assaults occurred in the last 10 years against American women working for the Peace Corps, but apparently no one is listening.

Those days need to end, and it's time for justice for Jess Smochek, because justice is what we do in this country.

And that's just the way it is.