Mr. Speaker, the President has announced he has reached a nuclear deal with Iran. Some of my Texas constituents have contacted me because they are worried about this dangerous and irresponsible ``deal.''

Thomas Davis of Houston wrote, ``We must not finance terrorism or in any way support Iran's gaining nuclear weapons.''

Thomas is rightfully concerned. Since Iran will soon receive billions of dollars, they can continue to sponsor their terrorist groups worldwide. Also, the deal legitimizes Iran's nuclear weapon program development in 10 years.

Thomas continues, ``I also urge you to disregard the U.N.'s premature acceptance, as they do not accept something for us or authorize spending of our funds. If their action does give Iran funds from an account we supplement, then defund that account.''

Wise words from citizen Thomas Davis . Giving the U.N. the first say on the nuclear deal and not Congress was misguided. The U.N. vote of approval will not intimidate me into voting for this deal.

This deal will make the world less safe, less free, and make Iran a world nuclear weapon power. Isn't that lovely.

And that is just the way it is.