Mr. Speaker, some say it's the best part of Wal-Mart, those happy greeters wearing a smiley face like this one I have here, giving helpful directions, giving coupons away. Others say these greeters even help with shoplifting. I just love Wal-Mart and those greeters. If a product is not at Wal-Mart, you just don't need it. Wal-Mart greeters make a good place even better.

However, the same could not be said of our national greeters. When I look at our southern border, I see policies that have turned our Border Patrol into an army of glorified gun-toting Wal-Mart greeters. They stop some of the thieves from coming into America, but they seem to end up acting like our official greeters, because our government has tied their hands.

Our government seems to be more concerned about the people who enter America illegally than our border agents, those that are already here and charged with protecting our border. Their work is subject to extensive intimidation by the Mexican Government, because Mexico doesn't want their own citizens, so they send them to the United States. Mexico uses treaties and lawsuits to give their citizens the protection that even Americans don't have.

The Mexican Government even gives illegals, heading north, maps so they can know where they illegally enter the United States and confront our border agents. Mexico is handing out shopping carts and the store directory to the virtual Wal-Mart, America.

But because we don't secure the border, we are opening up our aisles. But our version of Wal-Mart has an even better deal for these invaders, because it's all free. The American taxpayer pays for everything the illegals take from our Nation.

Take for instance, aisle number one, free health care. Mexico won't take care of its citizens, so the United States has become the free HMO of Mexico. It is a known fact that there are signs in Mexico telling expectant mothers what clinics across the border can deliver their anchor babies. Once those babies get sick, aisle one is the place where all their health care needs can be met: doctors, free health insurance, formulas, immunizations with no questions asked, and, of course, no bills. What a deal.

Aisle number two, it's the best education money can buy. Illegals enroll their child, and they can go to school through the 12th grade for free. In Mexico, that government only educates their children through the sixth grade. So the government says, go to America. The Americans will give you a free education in our language, Spanish, and if the student is hungry or needs after-school care, don't worry, aisle number two has free hot lunches, free after-school programs and, after all, our Wal-Mart only has the best.

We can't forget aisle number three. For all your identification needs, we have matricular cards for these illegals. Plenty of States and even the government accepts them for driver's licenses, Social Security and even fake IDs.

Let us go to aisle number four, free Social Security benefits for you and your kids. Aisle number five. It's free welfare to illegals, food stamps, housing, day care.

Mr. Speaker, I did not come up with the idea of calling our border agents Wal-Mart greeters. The truth is, that's what they call themselves. Because they know they are on the side of the American law, but the American law is not really on their side. They end up appearing to greet illegals instead of having the authority to send them back home.

If border agents are really allowed to do their job, our government doesn't seem to back them up. Today, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, two Border Patrol agents who shot a Mexican drug dealer, are being punished by a disloyal American government for just doing their job. After all, shooting a drug smuggler is no way for a greeter to act.

A border agent told me in Laredo recently that agents are told by supervisors at our legal ports of entry, quote, We are a port of entry, not a port of denial. So when in doubt, let people in, don't keep them out.

What an absurd policy for security, but a great greeter policy. Our Border Patrol agents should not be Wal-Mart greeters. They are law enforcement officers. They need American policy that is very clear. Keep the drug smugglers, the human smugglers and the terrorists out of America. Protect the sovereignty of our Nation.

After all, it is illegal to come to America without permission. It makes no difference what the Sly Fox of Mexico or his replacement, Commander Calderon, think. It is still our country. Unless we are serious about border security and have firm, well-defined laws on border security, we may as well replace the badge our Border Patrol agents wear with a smiley face of a Wal-Mart greater.

And that's just the way it is.