Mr. Speaker, as Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos celebrated their Super Bowl win, around 8:27 California time, a North Korean satellite passed in space over the stadium. What is next? Before long, it could be an intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead headed for some American city. Mr. Speaker, this is not some wacky idea out of a Hollywood movie. On January 6, the North Koreans tested a more advanced nuclear bomb that could kill even more people than the nuclear bomb they already have. Last Saturday, North Korea conducted a rocket launch to try to develop a ballistic missile that could hit the United States. The North Koreans also support Hezbollah, work with Iran on missile development, hacked Sony Entertainment, kidnapped an American college student and put him in jail, and there is much more. Mr. Speaker, North Korea is a rogue state lusting for international mischief. It is time to put them back on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list before Super Bowl LI takes place in my hometown of Houston, Texas. And that is just the way it is