Washington, Nov 1 -


Mr. Speaker, once again the Department of Justice is using taxpayer dollars to sue States for a job the government refuses to do.

The Federal Government won't or can't enforce immigration laws, so South Carolina has been forced to take matters into their own hands to protect their citizens. We've heard this tale before about the Federal Government suing States like Arizona and Alabama.

In this case, the administration says that the South Carolina law will interfere with and undermine the Federal Government's control over relations with foreign governments. The Federal Government is more concerned about not hurting the feelings of other countries like Mexico than it is about protecting our country.

The Attorney General has made it clear that he will continue his crusade against the States who try to crack down on illegal entry. Next up on the list? Utah and Georgia. For what? Upholding the law. Meanwhile, sanctuary cities get a pass from the Federal Government.

We hear the rhetoric that illegals are here to do jobs that Americans won't do. Now, South Carolina is getting sued for doing a job the American government won't do--protecting the security of this Nation and enforcing the law.

And that's just the way it is.