Madam Speaker, the next Air Force plane that you will see in the air will be branded with "Made in France" on the side of it. Not only France but Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom will be making 170 or more of the new Air Force supertankers built by that European subsidized company, Airbus.

This $40 billion contract will rob thousands of workers of Boeing Company of their jobs. Why is our Air Force outsourcing national defense to the Europeans, of all people? Aren't they the ones that take every opportunity to bash our U.S. military?

The Air Force is trying to do damage control by saying the Airbus is better than the Boeing plane.

Madam Speaker, that dog just won't hunt. U.S. built planes have been successfully defending our skies and our homeland since before World War II. We are not talking about outsourcing some cheap Wal-Mart product that's made in China. We are talking about outsourcing sensitive military equipment. Some things should always be made in America, by Americans, for Americans.

What's next? Is the Air Force going to outsource those airplane crews with the French as well?

And that's just the way it is.