Mr. Speaker, it is about supper time here in the United States. I wonder what is on the plates across our dinner tables. Perhaps lemon baked fish, broccoli, steamed carrots, fresh fruit. Sounds healthy to me, maybe delicious to some. This menu could be on any menu of any home or restaurant in the United States tonight.

But, Mr. Speaker, this menu is also what is being served in Guantanamo Bay prison on any given night. Mr. Speaker, we have a purpose in Guantanamo Bay. It is to house outlaws, criminals, radical terrorists; they are locked up there.

These detainees are people that have killed Americans and want to keep killing Americans. These are people picked up off the battlefield. They were not wearing uniforms. They were not state sponsored, but there were there for a reason, and that was to execute innocent people on the battlefield.

The Geneva Convention, Mr. Speaker, protects those people who are at war, who have a chain of command. They wear a uniform. They do not have concealed weapons and they do not kill the innocents. Mr. Speaker, terrorists do just the opposite. They kill innocents. They have concealed weapons. They certainly do not wear uniforms, and there is no chain of command. They are not protected, Mr. Speaker, by the Geneva Convention.

International law allows any nation the right to detain any combatants for a conflict's duration to prevent them from killing and to gather further useful information. The detainees at Guantanamo are enemy combatants. They are there because they shot our troops. They were involved in terrorism. Any many of them have information that could prevent further attacks.

Some of them have been released. And at least 12 of them have been recaptured on the battlefield trying to kill Americans.

Ann Coulter describes the tactics at Guantanamo Bay in her latest article. She said, Interrogators there cannot yell at detainees. They cannot serve the detainees cold meals except in certain circumstances. Cannot poke the detainees in the chest or engage in any type of pushing without some type of monitor. And we cannot subject the detainees to temperatures changes, of all things.

Once a suspected terrorist gets to Guantanamo, they are not treated like the Nazis treated the Poles and the Jews in World War II. Those that compare the Nazi concentration camps to Guantanamo owe an apology to those people and those families that died in those concentration camps, and they owe an apology to the American troops.

My dad served in World War II. He helped liberate those concentration camps, and 50 years later I went to Dachau and saw what it was like. And Guantanamo Bay, to be compared to a Nazi concentration camp, it is a sham and it is shameful conduct.

We even know that some of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have actually gained weight while they have been there. Mr. Speaker, before I became a Member of Congress, I dealt with criminals all my life. First, as a prosecutor, as you did, and then as a criminal court judge for 22 years. I saw murderers, thieves and street terrorists. And they came through my court. And we sent them to jail. We sent them to Texas jails and Texas prisons. And, Mr. Speaker, those are jails, those are prisons where no one wants to go. That is what prison and jail is about.

So I invite those that criticize the activities in Guantanamo Bay to go there, go with me and see firsthand, before other outrageous statements are made about the conduct there.

So tomorrow night at Guantanamo Bay, orange glazed chicken, fresh fruit crepes, steamed peas, and mushrooms and rice pilaf. It does not sound like bread and water to me.

And do you think our troops and in Afghanistan and Iraq are getting crepes tonight? Probably not. They are eating C-rations out of cans as they stand there in the desert and the heat, protecting the world for democracy.

Those that say there is inhumane torture there in Guantanamo, let me say this: That dog just will not hunt.

We need to be more concerned about Americans being killed by terrorists in Iraq than we are about some terrorist that is locked up in Guantanamo Bay that gets a cold blueberry muffin.