Mr. Speaker, we know that Houston is ‘‘Houston strong’’, but what makes us so strong is the faithful and determined volunteers in our community. I wanted to commend the Prince of Peace Catholic Community for their efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  

Over 1,500 volunteers were utilized through the Mercy Ministry’s relief efforts, which included distributing flood buckets, clothing, gift cards, and food. Over 3,200 hot meals and 2,000 lunches were served to 12 different neighborhoods over a span of 7 days. 

They collaborated with Champions Forest Baptist Church to work together to assist in the demolition and clean-up process. The Mercy Ministry not only provided physical assistance, but emotional support.

They have talked with over 160 families and assisted in prayer. In hard times like the one Houston experienced, emotional encouragement to those suffering is better than offering a mop and bucket. 

Weeks after Harvey, the Mercy Ministry was contacted from churches all over the Nation in hopes of getting some help to Houston. From Louisiana, Wisconsin, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Ohio. 

These churches sent tractor trailers full of donations from cleaning supplies, to handmade quilts and care packages for kids. Now, more than ever, our city needs the spiritual nourishment and support that our local churches can provide. 

Houston still has a long recovery to go, but what will pull us through are our faith driven volunteers, and the power of prayer.

And that’s just the way it is.