Mr. Speaker, it was described as ``more than 2 hours in hell.'' Those are the only words a central Texas sheriff could utter about the brutal attack of an 18-year-old girl.

Driving home one night, she was run off the road by two illegals just fired from their jobs for showing up to work hung over. She was corralled just 2 miles from her house near Mexia, Texas, but she couldn't have been further from safety. They forced her into their vehicle, then drove around as they raped, beat and stabbed her numerous times. When they had finished their sinful crime, they tossed her bloody body in a ditch and left her for dead.

When she reached a house nearby after crawling over a half mile, she lay on the porch and the woman inside heard her say, ``I'm going to die.'' The woman who found her covered in blood said she would never as long as she lived get that look on her face out of her mind.

Javier Martinez of Mexico and Noel Hernandez of Honduras will have their day of judgment in a Texas courthouse very soon, but the two countries these outlaws come from should be held accountable and pay reparations to the victim of this assault.

And that's just the way it is.